The original idea for the project LECCORIENTAMI dates back to Fabio Ripamonti’s experience in Munich at the international seminar “Youth Work with Young Refugees” in February 2017, about politics for the integration of young migrants and refugees in Europe. There we heard of My Welcome Guide, an audiovisual project aimed at giving useful information about daily life in Germany through short videos starring real refugees.

Our idea was to adapt the project to our context in Lecco, a city which has hosted an increasing number of refugees from Africa and Asia in the last years.
We decided to participate in the Bando Giovani Idee to propose our project and we were awarded some funds to make it real.

We chose to focus on three main themes for our videos with the help of some associations and NGOs which work with migrants locally: housekeeping, rules for a good neighbourhood and job searching.

On this website you can find three short videos, shot with a non-formal approach based more on non-verbal communication and graphics than dialogues. Our aim is to build a strong collaboration with local associations to use our contents within training courses for migrants.